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ZeroBees and Diversity Media Sales Lead the Way in Sustainability with Business Impact Tracker Validation

We're proud to announce the successful validation of Diversity Media Sales (DMS) through our innovative tool, the Business Impact Tracker (BIT). Diversity Media Sales becomes the first media company to achieve formal verification through the BIT process, marking a significant milestone in the media industry's journey towards a comprehensive sustainability approach and improving standards. 

ZeroBees Business Impact Tracker

The Business Impact Tracker (BIT) is a pioneering tool developed that we've developed in partnership with Legacy Media to support media sector suppliers and publishers in assessing and improving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. It offers media companies the opportunity to undergo a rigorous evidencing process, culminating in a validated ESG score that reflects their commitment to sustainability and transparency. This score is made available through the market-leading Legacy Media data platforms alongside corporate ESG scores. Most media companies do not currently have access to ESG scoring as only large corporations receive attention from ESG analyst firms. The BIT aims to level the playing field for SMEs and provide ESG scoring and, more importantly, sustainability understanding and a toolkit to improve.  


ZeroBees' founder, Toby Radcliffe, expressed his enthusiasm about Diversity Media Sales' achievement, stating, "We are thrilled to see Diversity Media Sales leading by example as the first SME media company to undergo formal verification through the Business Impact Tracker. Their commitment to their sustainability journey and inclusivity sets a new standard for the industry, and we are proud to support them on their journey towards greater environmental and social impact.


Diversity Media Sales, a minority-owned commercial representative specialising in the CTV-first marketplace, has demonstrated strong performance across various ESG metrics. Diversity Media Sales' BIT score is 26% higher than the SME media benchmark. This achievement underscores their proactive approach to sustainability and sets them apart as leaders in their industry.  Their score reflects strong results in their employee practices and community engagement, showcasing their dedication to fostering a positive workplace culture and driving inclusivity within minority communities. Areas they are currently working to improve include measurement and management of their environmental footprint which will further improve their scores in the future. 


Marc Bignell, Commercial Director of Diversity Media Sales, commented on the achievement, saying, "At Diversity Media Sales, we are thrilled to have baselined our sustainability efforts through the Business Impact Tracker. Transparency is key, and we are committed to sharing our journey with the industry to help everyone see how they can improve. As an SME, we’re proud of our initial score. We're proud to be setting a positive example for our peers in our efforts for diversity and inclusion, but also proud to be transparent about where we still have room to improve.


Legacy Media’s Founder, Andy Power, said: “Legacy is delighted to see SMEs committing to ESG scoring, with Diversity Media Sales being the first of many. Access to both corporate and SME ratings is enabling greater media coverage; providing the wider lens for brands and their agencies to divest budgets from poorly rated ESG businesses and support those companies, like DMS, focused on real societal change. Congratulations and here’s to the others following in your footsteps.” 


ZeroBees and Diversity Media Sales invite media suppliers and publishers to join them in prioritising sustainability and ESG excellence through the adoption of the Business Impact Tracker. Together, they are leading the way towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for the media industry and beyond. 


For more information about ZeroBees and the Business Impact Tracker, please contact, or check it out here.


What is the Business Impact Tracker (BIT)?

The Business Impact Tracker (BIT) is a tool developed by ZeroBees to support media suppliers and publishers in assessing and improving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. BIT offers a comprehensive assessment process and formal verification to help companies enhance their sustainability practices and transparency. 

Results of business impact tracker

Who is ZeroBees?

ZeroBees is a mission-led sustainability organisation dedicated to accelerating sustainability across organizations and value chains. With a focus on innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, ZeroBees empowers businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and drive positive environmental and social impact. 


Diversity Media Sales is a minority-owned commercial representative specializing in the CTV-first marketplace. They represent a diverse portfolio of publishers and offer unique, premium, and inclusive streaming audience opportunities while driving inclusivity and representation of minority communities. 


About Legacy Media: 

Legacy Media works with brands, media companies and agencies to improve ESG quality for the global media industry. Legacy uses aggregated ESG market leading data to allocate ratings to every global media supplier and to understand the efficiency of every dollar invested. Their aim is to improve the understanding and activation of media investment, through an ESG lens, leaving a lasting positive effect upon the world. 

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