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Dental Tools

Your carbon footprint. 
Measured and reduced.

Specifically built for dental practices.

Actively understand and manage your carbon impacts, set reduction plans and targets. Win more business, support your brand position and show your employees your values - while actively working towards Net Zero.

Our comprehensive carbon accounting and reduction platform for dental practices

Sector-specific supported self-serve carbon accounting and reduction planning tool built for SME's needs - across all of your activities and whole value chain.



Easy to use data collection

Integrating to your accounting software, automated outreach to your key suppliers and employees - all made simple.

Built specifically for your practice - with dentistry specific modules and designed for the data and teams you have - not for systems you don't.



Uniquely accurate results

  • Intuitive, robust results

  • Specific, interactive recommendations

  • Comprehensive scope - including dental materials, clinical waste, pensions, suppliers, labs, and banking


Communicate your commitments

  • Set internal and external targets based on your reductions plan

  • Communicate and invest

Climate badges

Demonstrate your commitment to decarbonisation with our badges, awarded when you complete your annual assessment, and dependent on your achievements. 


Climate Aware

For organisations who have baselined the main material areas of their organisational footprint. Taking initial action to reduce their emissions at least on an intensity basis.


Climate Conscious

For organisations who have baselined the main material areas of their organisational footprint, set initial targets for their "direct emissions" across direct and indirect energy consumption and travel at a minimum, looking to reduce these in line with halving by 2030. 


Climate Leader

For organisations who have baselined the main material areas of their organisational footprint, set reduction targets across their emissions in line with halving their emissions intensity by 2030, or evidencing that they are already best practice, or low-carbon by design.

The benefits of working with ZeroBees

There is a clear business case to start your journey to Net Zero and sustainability before being compelled to act by regulators, customers, employees and other stakeholders. But it's hard to know where to start and the task often competes with other pressing priorities.

We make it easier for small & medium size organisations to realise the five key benefits of going Net Zero:


Competitive advantage

Corporate and Government contracts increasingly require an understanding of your carbon impacts. Get on the front foot before you're forced to.


Brand differentiation

Stand out from competitors and win more customers by showing you're a better company to do business with - without the greenwash. Make it easy for consumers to choose you.


Engaged employees

Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce, with Gen Zs following. Climate action matters to them. So it needs to matter to you.


Resilient supply chains

Understanding and reducing your impacts alongside your suppliers builds stronger, healthier value chains. 

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Many interventions to reduce your carbon emissions can also create efficiency and reduce costs.

We'll help identify how; you bank the savings. 

Hear from other leaders

KWF profile_002_edited.png

Karl Walker-Finch

Smiles in Tandem

Providing healthcare in a way that is sustainable for the planet was a key goal for us and ZeroBees have made this goal simple to assess, educational and they’ve crafted easy to follow steps to further improve. 


We found the online platform simple to use and it took us through the journey in a logical way. When we got our results I was blown away by the impact that certain areas of our business were having and it’s made it so easy to see where we can make changes to have the biggest impact on reducing our carbon footprint.


Without question, ZeroBees have inspired me to keep learning and implementing new strategies to minimise our impact on the planet and to hopefully go on to inspire others in healthcare to do the same.

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