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8 actions to get over your COP28 fatigue

8 actions to get you going after COP28

Feeling down and powerless after COP28?

It's been a roller-coaster that's for sure. From "historic" (!) to "abject failure," the mixed reviews and weasel words in the final commitments (or lack thereof) surrounding #COP28 have left many people feeling a little anxious and betrayed.

But amidst the complexities and challenges, we can't succumb to powerlessness.

We need to channel that energy into positive change where we can - in our organisations, individuals and communities.

Here's EIGHT actionable steps that you can take - or start - right now:

1. Support the Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels: Sign this pledge for ongoing support in the phase-out of fossil fuels here. This collective effort contributes to a sustainable future.

2. Amplify Your Impact: Don't #greenhush! Share the positive changes your business is making. Communicate your impact to inspire others. (Drop us a line if you're not feeling confident on what you can and can't claim).

3. Embrace the #BCorp Movement: Align your business with positive societal and environmental impacts. Take the initial assessment here to reshape your business purpose.

4. Support the Better Business Act and get involved with Business Declares: Sign up here to contribute to creating a business environment that prioritises sustainability and responsibility.

5. Sign the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative: Take a stand against fossil fuel extraction. Sign the treaty to support global efforts in curbing the impact of fossil fuels.

6. Measure and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Understand and mitigate your organisation's carbon footprint (e.g. with us at Commit to reducing emissions for a sustainable future.

7. Get educated: Sign up to a Climate Fresk session for you or your team to get a handle on the science and drivers behind climate change and make sure you're informed. Speak to the brilliant Jim LESCOP about his next online or in person sessions.

8. Move Your Money Responsibly: Shift your investments to lower-emission options. Check out our free pensions calculator, and think about moving from Barclays and HSBC to banks like Lloyds & Natwest to align your finances with a more sustainable future.

What would you add that's helped you feel able to act?

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